Gold Italy: Tuscany

Gold Italy: Tuscany
 In the vicinity of Siena offers wonderful nature, historical sites, hot springs and fine wine. In the heart of Tuscany, where produce Chianti wine, you can spend your vacation dreams.
 The name of the city of Siena acquired after a local legend which says that the sons of the famous Rem - Seny and Axinite - escaped from his uncle Romulus, who killed their father and his brother stopped the Tuscan hills. Here they are attracted chic olive groves, vineyards, lush with ripe appetizing clusters. Fascinated by the beauty of the picturesque hills with cypress avenues that lead to the small medieval towns and villages.

Embark on Piazza del Campo - one of the most famous medieval squares. On the summer terrace you can enjoy a cup of aromatic cappuccino and enjoy the breathtaking views around. Palaces surrounded by a unique area. Interests of its design, it is made in the form of a shell. Locals twice a year at the competition in the form of horse racing. In races involving 10 special teams (Contrada). Each of them has its own coat of arms and the individual color of the clothes. The essence of the event is that the jockey bareback must cover the distance of not less than 1 km. Town Hall of the Palazzo Public amazing. You can climb the tower, rising 102 meters and look at the old town, its winding streets and landscapes.

Tourists are attracted by one of Italy's most famous attractions - built in the Roman-Gothic style cathedral of black and white marble. The thermal complex, called Bagni di Petriolo, is a hot spring. Here are allowed to swim regardless of the season and absolutely free. The place has a historical background, a corner in the valley Pharma once attracted the Roman patricians, who loved to rest there. Evidence of this are the remains of ancient buildings.

It is recommended to visit the wine tasting in the Chianti region. Do not forget to walk around the city of Montalcino. The most beautiful church of S. Egido and Rocca. At Osteria Porta al Kasser, it is desirable to try delicacy - polenta with wild boar meat.

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