Ghosts in the Lithuanian water

Ghosts in the Lithuanian water
 One of the main attractions of Lithuania - the famous Trakai Castle. He repeatedly destroyed during the civil wars, was restored in different places and finally was built at the beginning of the XV century on one of the islands of the lake. By the time the castle was a very powerful fortress. Trakai Castle is famous not only as a historical and architectural monument. It is associated with the legend of the ghost.
 After the Battle of Grunwald in 1410, when he was defeated arch-rival Lithuanian - Teutonic Order, the castle lost its military importance and became the residence of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. There were arranged receptions of ambassadors, lush feasts. Later it was used as a place of imprisonment objectionable dignitaries. Since the end of XVII century the castle began to crumble. Restoration work was carried out intermittently almost the entire XX century. Currently, most of the restored castle, he is visited by many tourists.

One summer evening, when the wind got up and started to rain, the keeper of the castle suddenly discovered that the main entrance gate, and the gate is not locked front strengthening. This is his very surprised, because for many years of service, he never forgot to close them. The watchman went out and got the keys and then noticed on the surface of the lake is a strange white glow. Coming closer to the shore to get a better look at him, the watchman went cold with fear glow suddenly took the form of a human head in a medieval knight's helmet. He wanted to flee in terror to the castle, but then noticed another glow on the background of one of the towers of the fortress. It was like a figure of a man in full growth, and in one hand he had a sword directed towards the lake. Person could not see, because a ghost was formless, blurred. Then figure slowly descended to the ground and disappeared into the gate of the castle.

In the morning, waking up in his usual place, the guard at first thought it was just a nightmare. However, it turned out that he was sleeping in a raincoat, and the cloak was still wet from the rain that came yesterday. Subsequently, the same guard several times saw a human figure with a clear face. Some residents of the town of Trakai, too, it was observed. She slowly down the wall and disappeared into the gate of the castle.

According to legend, the Grand Duke Vytautas in one of the battles beheaded crusading knights and threw it into the waters of the lake, on the island of which stands the castle. The lake is therefore called "Galve" - ​​"head". Therefore, the locals believe that the figure of a man with a clear face - a ghost Duke Vytautas.

Near the castle there are two islands: one of them in the Middle Ages were executed convicts and the other going to their relatives, lamenting the fate of loved ones. Locals believe that the souls of those executed roam around the place where their life cut short. Here and there were ghosts in the Lithuanian water.

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