Egypt - what to see and where better to relax

Egypt - what to see and where better to relax
 Egyptian resorts - a favorite vacation spot of the Russians. Warm Red Sea, the low cost of the trip, a short hop to the country attracted more and more travelers.
 But the most hyped resorts - Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt several new, very attractive to tourists vacation spots. For example, the town of Marsa Alam. Previously, there was a fishing village. Who built modern hotels, equipped with all necessary facilities. The village is located near the underwater nature reserve, where there are rare corals and inhabited by countless species of fish. For divers it is a paradise. To tour it easier to get to destinations in Marsa Alam International Airport opened, which takes not only the charter, but also regular flights. Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh is also doing everything to attract travelers. In the cities opened new bars, restaurants, discos. Hotels repaired, quality of service is constantly being improved.

Visit Egypt is not just for the sake of the underwater beauty of the Red Sea. It is an ancient country that just crammed with attractions. The most interesting for tourists - Valley of the Pharaohs to the Karnak Temple and the Colossi of Memnon nearby. And, of course, the famous Giza with huge pyramids and sphinxes. To get to these historic structures is more convenient from Hurghada. The journey takes less time and the journey will not be so tedious.

Lovers of oriental color it will be interesting to visit the desert, Bedouin village. There tourists not only ride on a camel, but also play for them the whole view of life of the inhabitants of deserts. Then treated to a delicious dinner, which is dominated by the national dish - rice with beef and vegetables, lettuce, fruit, sweets.

During one visit to Egypt to see all the fun is simply unrealistic. Therefore, most travelers are returning to this country again and again, forever falling in love with the eastern tale and amazing inverted month.

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