Celebrate the New Year in Egypt

Celebrate the New Year in Egypt
 New Year in Egypt is holding a holiday in the unusual atmosphere to which the Russian people not accustomed to living in the climatic conditions the middle band.
 Egyptian landscape - it's hot sands of the desert, hot and beautiful sun, warm Red Sea. As a rule, the Russian people used to spend New Year holidays with lots of snow, at low temperatures, and sometimes with sleet.

To carry out all the New Year (including, and Christmas) winter holidays especially nice enough to lie on the warm sand, bask in the sun, enjoying the beauty of the surrounding things. Of course, you can organize interesting sightseeing tour, during which you can explore the historical value of the area (temples, pyramids). New Year will be held in an exotic style, thereby remain in the memory of tourists.

In Egypt, quite comfortable at almost any time of year. For lovers of sport activities can be arranged extreme New Year. For example, scuba diving at the time of the celebration will be a memorable one.

It should be noted that on 1 January is an official holiday in Egypt, but the majority of the local population notes is September 11 (according to the traditions of ancient Egypt). Despite the fact that 1 January is a day off, the New Year is not widely celebrated in the African state.

But it is a tourist attraction and grandiose show extravaganza, which include the organization of entertainment, fabulous feasts, parties in popular hotels and restaurants. Some hotel structure invite Russian stars and arrange the concert program for tourists from different countries.

Thus, the New Year in Egypt - is not only a fun way to spend the first holiday of the year, but also enjoy the travel and leisure due to favorable climatic conditions in a given period of time, which is important for the average tourist.

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