Belgium: chocolate heaven

Belgium: chocolate heaven
 The main country in Europe believe chocolate Belgium, because here a year produced 172,000 tons of chocolate. In every town and even small village has a shop that sells fine chocolates with various fillings, many of which are still made by hand.
 There are many reasons to visit Belgium. Firstly, it is surprising interesting and beautiful country. Life goes on here in the medieval slowly: Maybe it was in ancient castles and houses, or that the majority of the population prefer to bike all modes of transport, or cause the entire authentic Belgian beers.

Secondly, tourists from all over the world are attracted Belgian cuisine is largely reminiscent of the Austrian and German. It made a lot of delicious food in the world treasury, it fries and brussels sprouts, mussels in Brussels and chickens, Ardennes ham and game, fish and seafood, cheese, chocolate, sweet waffles and biscuits. Do not like sweets? Then you will find a beer, because The Kingdom of Belgium is called the birthplace of beer (as well as cheese, liver pate and chocolate).

Third, the Belgians took first place in the invention not only the saxophone, french fries, lace, and chocolates. Once Johann Neuhaus, Brussels pharmacist, conjuring on the creation of cough drops, got dark chocolate. Later was created with the chocolate mashed nuts - praline.

The fact that the Belgians love chocolate, according to many specialized shops that name boutiques where candy is often done manually. The range is very diverse and includes several dozen species of chocolates. You can take one or two of each type of candy on trial, you will pack them like a piece of jewelry in pretty boxes. Or you can order a surcharge preparation of individual treats, to inform about their preferences confectioners.

the local bakers are not afraid to experiment: in their creations boldly add basil, thyme, orange, olive oil, pepper and various perfume essences. Thus, based on tropical flowers was created Belgian Chocolate, which may result in any state of euphoria. Recipe extraordinarily high quality and tasty product is inherited.

To get acquainted with Belgian chocolate, you need to go to Bruges. This city is called a mecca for shokoladogolikov. Convinced sweet tooth should definitely visit the museum of chocolate and chocolate restaurant in which all dishes are prepared without exception, adding to them a delicacy. Besides hot chocolate, you may be asked to try to goose pate with dark chocolate and wine, soup from cocoa beans, fish, chocolate sauce. It is also possible to visit the festival "Chocolate Life", where famous chefs Bruges trying every way to surprise your guests experiments with chocolate.

According to the Law of the medieval city of Bruges is also called the Venice of the North. It's all cut up narrow channels along and across, and along them stand in serried ranks carved colorful facades that make this city like a gingerbread village. Friendly and romantic, cute and charming Bruges - a paradise for lovers, unforgettable fairy tale for adults and children, a storehouse of wonders for the curious. Despite its age, this city is very young at heart. It is felt throughout life - in trams, hurrying past the towering Gothic towers, in the figure of a cyclist riding on a cobbled street in the windows of shops, cafes and a nice stone carved facade of medieval houses.

Bruges is also unique in that the museums and churches in it almost more than residents. Almost every corner you can see or medieval tower, or the majestic cathedral, the old bell tower, or, or a stone figure of the saint, who miraculously suffered, survived almost two world wars.

In this small town cafes and restaurants, and an impressive menu could plunge the novice in confusion. To know the taste of real Belgian, order safely dish of potatoes, mussels and eel. And of drinks - beer, of which there are (cooked) more than 600 varieties. Belgians claim that it will take two years to try them all, and the day would have to drink two different grades of glass.

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