All exotic Bali

All exotic Bali
 The island of Bali is located in the Indonesian archipelago. His exotic value due to the fact that the island is a piece of volcanic rock arch. Tropical storms and hot sun turned him into a rare oasis of nature. Still preserved the ancient traditions of the Balinese fascinate and attract tourists from all over the world. Bali is among the ten most prestigious resorts and unusual.  


The most exotic food in Bali, famous throughout the world is the durian fruit. The world community it is called the "king of fruits". A distinctive feature is its aggressive durian smell and taste weird. The law prohibits make fruit in public transport because of the strong flavor. The taste of every European describes in his own way, sometimes conflicting descriptions. Tourists are imported from Bali spice seed "king of fruits".

Eka Dasa Rudra

Their culture Balinese turned into an exotic attraction. Every tourist wants to go to the majestic sacred ceremony Eka Dasa Rudra. A hundred years in the magnificent Temple on the island Mother - snipe people gather in Bali. The very presence at the festival brings happiness and health, according to local residents.


Cheluk - jewelry capital of Indonesia. Here you can see and buy unique handicrafts made of silver and gold.

Denpasar is the capital of Bali, is famous for rich museum displays.

Goa Gajah - "Elephant Cave". Ten centuries ago there lived Buddhist hermits. At the entrance to the caves of unique images of elephant heads, their monks carved on the rocks. In Goa Gajah are Buddhist sculptures and museum pavilion, where the person of the king took a bath in the shower and the water was flowing from the stone statues.

Kuta - surfing center and nightlife. It's a maze of entertainment centers, restaurants, clubs and shops. Its beaches are famous not only unique white sand, but also for its unusual length of the valley.

Tanah Lot - revered religious place. There there is a source, which the Balinese are a rite of purification. Allowed to undergo the rite of tourists who want to, but only a select few are allowed temple, foreigners are forbidden to enter.

The monastery Tirta Empul, tourists are allowed to drink water from the magical healing power. Once the god Indra wanted to gain water there, to revive their fallen soldiers. Legend for hundreds of years, but it still stirs the soul of tourists and Balinese holy believe in it.

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