6 ideas for inexpensive vacation

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 Finally passed the last day, and here it is - a vacation. And if it turns out that the amount in your wallet does not correspond to the plans to fly to the Maldives, it is not a reason to deny yourself a good rest. There are several ways to have a great future and a much desired vacation week.
 The first variant. Turkey

Go to tropical countries. No, not in Malaysia, not in Africa and the Maldives. And, say, in Turkey. Stay even during the peak season will cost you a mere penny, and if managed to buy a "burning" permit, if at all practically free. Week holiday for two to three-star hotel on an "all inclusive" lighten your wallet at 1-1, 5 thousand dollars, including flights.

Of course, the site will have something to spend on tours and souvenirs, but this amount is quite small. Again no language barrier - the whole Turkey has long been said in Russian.

Option Two. Crimea

A great opportunity to relax and see the great places to swim in the Black Sea to present to you, if you go on vacation in the Crimea. Of course, the service leaves much to be desired. But in addition, inexpensive and does not require any passports, which are usually many are trying to do at the last minute (hence the mad queue in IFS just before the season).

Option three. Resorts of Krasnodar Region

Excellent budget vacation is waiting for you in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. Of course, stay in Gelendzhik and Sochi more expensive the trip to Turkey, but it all depends on your appetite. You can in fact do and rented facilities. For three. Unfurnished. With summer shower in the yard. And self catering. But the sea you will be the same as that of those staying in a five star hotel.

By the way, Krasnodar resorts - it's not just the coast. It is also a magnificent resorts and sanatoriums in the foothills of the Caucasus. Pure mountain air, waterfalls, mineral water and mud in a very conditional money.

Fourth option. Abkhazia

Gagra, New Athos, Pitsunda, as well as fresh air, seagulls and dolphins, clean sea, delicious fruits and amazing cuisine. All this Abkhazia. The rooms in private hotels cost more than acceptable, even in peak season, and the beautiful nature of the region will not leave anyone indifferent. Again, among the advantages of the lack of a language barrier and the lack of need for a passport for the Russians.

Fifth option. Dacha

If you or your good friends have a cottage somewhere in the country, the need for costly trips altogether eliminated. Even the most luxurious inflatable pool or frame any tour will be cheaper in foreign hearth. And personally marinated and fried skewers uniquely delicious imported exotic dishes. And the holiday tan, if the matter is approached correctly, none of his colleagues and friends would never distinguish from the sea.

Option sixth. Sweet home

And why do you somewhere to drag? Assembly-laying things tearful farewell to the beloved sofa and a computer, nerves, convulsive counting cash, hot and dusty roads of others, making a din children, tiring flight and indigestion from exotic (or simply stale) products. A cat-orphan to whom leave?

In the end, fruits, as well as mint, ice, rum and tonic for cold mojito can be extracted in a nearby supermarket. A dozen TV shows as much travel channels. And, most importantly, no costs, excess worry - you or the cat.

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