The truth about hormonal contraception

The truth about hormonal contraception
 Since ancient times, women have sought to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. Now medicine has leaped forward in matters of contraception.

Reading notes on old methods of prevention, we can only smile. For example, to avoid unwanted pregnancy, use lemon peel, which is installed inside the vagina. In the first half of the twentieth century medicine opened female hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and then.

During pregnancy terminated follicle maturation, i.e. in this period is impossible secondary pregnancy. Consequently, in the early years of this century, recommended as a method of prevention of the use of the extract of the ovaries. Doctors have found that transplantation of ovarian tissue and placental tissue of pregnant animals leads to sterility. 1960 is the birthday of contraceptive hormone preparations.

To date, hormones are choosing more than 80 million women worldwide. Such popularity is due to the high degree of reliability. These tools give 99% guarantee against pregnancy. However, it should be remembered that this method of contraception can be used only with a regular partner. Drugs not protect against sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

In addition to direct assignment in this type of contraception has several other advantages. Tablets normalize the menstrual cycle. Your problem occur at a specific day and you can delay their advance. It is very convenient, for example, when on vacation. Periods become less abundant and more short-lived. Hormones, if chosen correctly, a positive effect on the skin. Hormonal contraceptives are very convenient to use. The most important thing to remember when to take the pill.

It is believed that this tool helps overweight. However, current tools do not affect the weight. The most important thing is not to self-medicate. The choice of contraception must be supervised by a physician. Consult a specialist, hand over the necessary tests and then make a decision.

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