IVF in the treatment of infertility

IVF in the treatment of infertility
 For many couples, IVF is the only chance to become parents genetically own child. This method allows to treat all forms of infertility except in cases where a woman can not be a mother because of violations of the anatomical structure of the uterus.

In 1978 in England, was born the first girl, conceived using IVF. Since then, this method has helped thousands of infertile couples experience the joy of parenthood.

The indications for in vitro fertilization are lack or obstruction of the fallopian tubes in women, severe endometriosis, infertility, endocrine, oligoasthenozoospermia 1-2 degrees in men, as well as immunological incompatibility partners.

The first stage is to prepare for IVF protocol. The couple must go through all the doctor recommended a study to pass a variety of tests to identify contraindications for in vitro fertilization, to detect and eliminate hidden pathology of the disease, which can complicate the procedure of IVF and pregnancy.

IVF treatment begins with the second day of the menstrual cycle when the woman appointed hormonal agents that stimulate the ovaries and you always get some ready to fertilize eggs. In some instances, the introduction of drugs produced before the onset of menstruation (long report). Stimulation is carried out for two weeks - all this time, doctors using ultrasound and hormonal studies watching the maturation of follicles.

The next stage of IVF requires the presence of both partners in the clinic. Under general or local anesthesia women spend follicular aspiration and fence ready to fertilize eggs. At the same time, a man must pass the sperm, which will be used for artificial insemination.

Extracted egg placed in nutrient medium and transferred to an incubator in which the temperature, oxygen and carbon dioxide in natural conditions correspond to the maternal organism. At this time, the semen is treated, in which process the highest quality selected sperm.

After 4-6 hours after aspiration of follicular fluid (aspiration) is performed in vitro fertilization. A day after the fusion of sperm and egg, you can judge the success of the first procedure. In the normal course of the process at this time is observed fragmentation of a zygote.

Within a few days of reproduction follow the development of the embryo and as a result are selected the highest quality of them. At 3-5 hours after puncture through catheter embryos are transferred into the uterus. In the days that followed produced hormonal support of pregnancy.

Two weeks after embryo transfer, the woman delivers a blood test to determine the level of hCG. A positive result indicates that the fertilized egg to implant. Even after 10-14 days of the ultrasound scan, the purpose of which is to determine the location and the number of adherent embryos.

Women who become pregnant as a result of IVF should be closely monitored by specialists. Hormonal support continues until 12-14 weeks of pregnancy. Children conceived with the use of high-tech, do not differ from children conceived naturally.

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