How to choose a clinic for birth

How to choose a clinic for birth
 The question of what clinic to choose to give birth, was relevant at any time and remains so today. And if before all the hospital were public, the same in its inner structure, and everything was resolved territorial proximity, now, in a market economy, it is very difficult to define in this really diverse service sector.

The question of where best to give birth, it is necessary to attend to much earlier before the expected delivery date. The first thing to do - to ask relatives, friends and acquaintances talk about the hospital, they used their services in due time. This is perhaps the best option for a comprehensive answer to the question: "word of mouth" usually leaves no doubt about the decision.

You can even stay at home birth. Then go anywhere and not have to. But better to thoroughly find out whether you can really trust completely skilled birth attendants at home, what is the level of their professionalism and experience in such a case.

Decide that you are more comfortable, or is crucial. Some clinics require an individual doctor and midwife for childbirth, the presence of a single ancestral hall and the possibility of the presence of her husband at birth. For a certain amount of money, you can select all or certain types of services. For example, you can give birth without her husband in the general delivery room, but with the help of the individual doctor. And here you will be sure that yours will be carefully monitored and immediately render necessary assistance than in the "pipeline" of labor.

Try to choose a clinic closer to home, then your family will be able to visit you more often.

Find out how The Company now home lifestyle clinics, as organized food and the condition contained Chamber. It happens that the general beauty and grooming clinic wards for pregnant women and mothers only general, for 10-12 people, common shower and toilet, the food does not taste good, and you need to bring your dishes and even sugar.

Of course, much nicer to stay in 1-2-bed room with a TV, refrigerator, shower and toilet, equipped with such useful items such as table, chair, lamp, electric kettle and utensils for food and beverages. In addition, a Chamber of your family and friends can come almost every day and several times that is completely forbidden for stays in the general ward. For a fee, it is quite acceptable, given all the conditions of stay for 4-5 days away from home, you can not save yourself from having to experience additional discomfort in front of such an important event.

In this Chamber has lots of advantages, the most important of which - the freedom of choice. You will be able to sleep or stay awake when you want it, and no one can stop you. To do this, there is an individual night light over the bed, in addition to the bright overhead light in the general ward. Can eat, drink tea and watch a movie, regardless of the time of day. Will be able to concentrate on reading or talking on the phone, not hardened at this noise and hubbub around.

Once you will be transferred to the ward for pregnant women, in a small ward again you will be the winner: newborns are not yet accustomed to the regime of the day and therefore wake up when it's convenient to them. If the House only two kids, the likelihood of sleep a lot more than in the ward with ten babies. Having a separate toilet and shower rooms allow for a long time not to leave from his child.

Focus on your own preferences and common sense, and then in the hospital days fly by and with comfort.

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