How to avoid premature birth

How to avoid premature birth
 Nature has put a certain gestation babies - 9 lunar months, or 40 weeks. It was during this time the baby in the womb time to form all vital organs, the nervous system.  
 But okolo10% of women giving birth to children prematurely. This means that the baby is born weak, painful, sometimes unsustainable.

Premature birth are those that occurred in the 27- 34 weeks of gestation.

To make a healthy baby and give birth to it in time, you need time to see a doctor and get registered in the antenatal clinic. Carry out all the necessary tests and comply with recommendations to change your lifestyle.

This does not mean that it is necessary to lay the entire pregnancy. You should feel responsible for the future baby. After all, parents are not at birth, and at its conception. All nine months you have to lead a measured existence. Spend more time outdoors. Give up drinking, smoking. Try to get more positive emotions.

Be sure to visit the group's health and education of future mothers. Exercise, you'll be there watching and strengthen the overall tone of the body, as well as the muscles of the abdomen and uterus.

Eat right. After all, your future child should receive in utero all necessary for normal development of the substance. Eat more fruits, vegetables, cheese, fish. Try to avoid spicy, fried and smoked products, which have a negative impact on the work of the intestine and can cause the uterus to the tone.

Avoid large crowds to avoid the transmission of infectious and viral diseases. At this stage of life can not hurt not only you, but also the unborn child. Try not to do hard physical labor, active sports, do not lift weights, avoid injuries, strokes, falls. Be careful and wise, depends on your health and your baby's health.

Do not take uncontrolled medicines and vitamins. Even aspirin should be controlled by a specialist.
In the last trimester of pregnancy, reduce the frequency of having sex or abstain from it altogether. Contractions of the uterus can also lead to premature birth.

At the first sign of the onset of labor, pulling pain in the lumbar region, unexplained vaginal discharge call your doctor. You should not panic. Only 20% of women with suspected preterm labor actually give birth. In most cases, generic activities fails to suspend on an outpatient basis.

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