Exercises for Pregnant Women

Exercises for Pregnant Women
 Births require stamina and good physical preparation. If during pregnancy 2 or 3 times a week to fulfill a set of special exercises can significantly tighten the abdominal muscles, shoulders and back. The main load when a baby into the world falls on those muscles.

Put on the wings

Drop down beside the chair on the left knee, after placing it on the pillow. The knee should be placed under the hip. Put your right foot on the floor so that the knee is directly over the heel. Slightly tilt the body forward, holding on to a chair with his right hand. Free pelvis forward while keeping the spine in a neutral position.

Take the left arm dumbbell weight 1-2 kg, lower arm. Left arm lift up and move it back as close as possible by reducing the blade. Not turning the torso, straighten shoulders to feel muscle strain. Return to starting position. Do 8-10 repetitions, then switch legs and repeat the series. This exercise strengthens the upper back muscles that straighten the chest, making it easier breathing during labor.

Three in one

Fold the pillow or blanket on the floor so that in the sitting position could rely on their backs. Leaning on them, bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Spread the legs shoulder-width apart, elbows expand in hand, palm, place the back of your thighs. Keep your head straight, in line with the spine, chin should be raised.

On the inhale, pull your pelvis upward, tilting his head to the navel. Pull belly, trying to relax while the pelvic muscles. Within 5 seconds, save this position, quietly breathing and relaxing the muscles of the pelvis. Return to starting position. Do 2-3 repetitions. This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles and teaches manage during any attempts during labor.

Accident prevention

Should immediately stop the exercise if:

- Dizzy;
- There was a pain in the chest;
- The queen entered the tone;
- Actively pushed the baby;
- Dark eyes;
- Was hard to breathe;
- At the waist any nagging pains;
- Cramped muscle.

Remember that these exercises should prepare you for childbirth, but not to provoke them, so be careful, listen to your body.

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