Dream for a young mother

Dream for a young mother
 After the hospital for a young mother leans load of problems: it is necessary to feed a husband, and a house to keep in order, and child to wash diapers and pet him clothes. Among these household chores is not a single minute of my mother's for a good sleep.

To recuperate a little, the young mother need to organize your sleep with the child. As soon as the baby is asleep during the day, you should also take a nap. And let you get some sleep a little, but you will not worry about the kid, because it will be hard to sleep around you. And if he wants to eat, then, not looking up from the bed, you can offer him the breast and continue joint vacation.

If you are concerned that no one except you will not be able to cope with household chores, then you are greatly mistaken. Do not refuse the help of her husband, grandparents and children. Let one of them will clean the apartment and someone will prepare a delicious dinner. And this time you devote to his beloved - soak in a warm bath, read a favorite book or simply breathe in the fresh air. And if you care of the house will charge itself, soon due to lack of sleep you will have chronic fatigue, irritability, depression, then that could soon turn into a bad relationship with her husband.

Frequent lack of sleep mothers do not allow her to lose weight. This conclusion was American scientists. A young mother who sleeps less than 5 hours a day, a year after the birth of a baby is gaining weight in excess of the rate of 5 kg. Those mothers who sleep about 7 hours a day, have no problems with being overweight.

Sometimes due to fatigue and lack of sleep a young mother can not devote himself to the child to share his first successes: the first conscious smile, appearance of the first tooth. But this is such a miracle - your child. Do not forget about it. And may you do not wash the dishes, but perfectly vzdremnete with the baby during his afternoon nap. A husband and dishes can be washed.

Walking is very important for the child. But if the weather outside is not very good or you feel tired, you do not need to overpower yourself. If the apartment has a balcony, and there you can safely leave your baby in the stroller, while they themselves will be able to relax.

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