Contraceptives: what to choose

Contraceptives: what to choose
 The question of protection from unwanted pregnancy is very important for every woman who has no plans in the near future to have a child. To some it is more convenient to use barrier methods of contraception, and someone prefers hormonal.

Before you start taking hormonal contraceptives should consult a gynecologist. The specialist will help you choose products that are suitable to you for medical reasons.
The most convenient to use hormonal contraception are those who have less effect "forgetting".

Hormonal spiral. It is introduced into the uterus, it is there for five years, and highlights the contraceptive hormones. Hormones do not fall into the blood, and the "right" place that is very reliable. But after the removal of the spiral during the year, women may have problems conceiving.

Patch. He is attached to the shoulder and secretes hormones that through the skin into the blood. This is a fairly reliable method of contraception. Need to change the patch once a week. However, in its application may experience side effects such as itching and spotting that after a certain period of time pass.

Ring. Ring is placed in the vagina, from which secrete hormones. It is introduced without the help of a gynecologist. But this ring is not very convenient, as it should be applied on certain days of the cycle, take out, take a break and re-inserted.

Injections. The doctor inserts the appropriate dose of hormones that block the egg for three months. It is very convenient in the sense that by making one shot, you can forget about the fear of unwanted pregnancy for three months. However, this method is suitable to many, as it has many side effects from the termination of menstruation to infertility. Therefore, before you opt for this method of contraception should weigh the "pros" and "cons".

Hormonal implants. Introduced under the skin of the ampoule with hormones and within five years in women excluded the possibility of pregnancy. This is the most reliable way, but it, like hormonal injections can lead to infertility. So before you enter the hormonal implants, the woman should be completely sure that she does not want to have children in the future.

Every woman should remember that the use of hormonal agents greatly affects ovarian function and operation of the organism as a whole. Therefore, their use should be alternated with the use of barrier methods of contraception.

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