Contraceptive patch

Contraceptive patch
 Contraceptive patch - the latest word in contraception. The protection against pregnancy is more than 99 percent, while the patch is easy to use and does not cause discomfort.
 Today, women diligently seek various ways to protect against unwanted pregnancy, choosing the ones that do not cause discomfort. Oral contraceptives fade into the background, giving the palm patch.

Thin and smooth Contraceptive patch placed on the skin only once a week, while providing superior protection. They allocate the right amount of hormones (estrogen and progestogen), enters the bloodstream through the skin, which contribute to blocking ovulation and controlled changes in cervical mucus to hinder sperm to overcome it.

Contraceptive patch firmly fixed on the skin and does not peel even during water treatment. So you do not need to change your lifestyle or sacrifice favorite things, such as sports. Due hormonal composition, considerably reduces the appearance of the patch of menstrual pain and the development of PMS.

Applying the patch should start from the first day of the cycle, attaching it to the skin with the onset of menses. Glue it can be a few areas - buttocks, shoulder blades, abdomen and shoulder. It is advisable not to change the part of the body, but only slightly shifted towards the replacement of plaster. Always apply the patch to clean, dry skin for better attachment.

Replacing it occurs on the eighth and fifteenth. On the twenty-second day, remove the patch and take a break for a week. After this pattern is repeated.

The patch may provide minor side effects corresponding to those that occur in the use of oral contraceptives. But they have been held for two months after the beginning of application. There are some contraindications to its use: thrombosis, cancer, occurred in the past stroke or myocardial infarction, pregnancy and lactation, age over 35 years.

A more detailed description and accurate application of contraceptive patch, refer to the instructions. Before changing his usual means of protection against unwanted pregnancy, consult your gynecologist.

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