Childbirth without pain

Childbirth without pain
 Pain during childbirth - a special pain. It shows not a disease or disorder, and great joy - the light appears the child. This pain suggests that all is well: the fight are properly disclosed os uteri, the baby emerges from the womb.

So decided that the wild-type contractions do not cause pain restart the nature of the female body. Every woman is designed exactly the amount of pain as she can tolerate. Known fact that in the intervals between contractions, the pain disappears completely, and with the female body and soul leaves every stress. Why is there so much talk about the "mystical" fear of childbirth?

Modern, young mothers to give birth to fear "natural" in a natural way. Today women before delivery to all agree - lower body pain relief, caesarean section, general anesthesia - just would not feel the pain and immediately see the "ready" child.

Naturally, each person feels the fear that it is not known, and information about childbirth in an impressive number of women saddest and depressing. And as a result - you rarely see a woman who belongs to the genus as a holiday. But are all so horribly in reality? Perhaps, in this situation, a lot depends on the woman? Why is there pain in childbirth?

Note that, any drug, even in a small dose, and the blood enters the baby, and it is significant and heavy load. Moreover, drugs can cause drowsiness and fatigue appropriate. Doctors noticed that women who do not take pain relief, are in a cheerful, cheerful mood and can show healthy joy your little miracle.

There is another significant reason because of which the artificial anesthesia brings much more harm than good. In Europe, more specifically, in Switzerland conducted a scientific experiment: organized labor pain relief doe. After she gave birth to fawns, quite healthy, she got up and left immediately, do not put it to lick and give him attention. Then the experimenters decided to repeat the experiment and made painkillers birth another twenty deer, and all of them after the birth of their babies left.

Summed up: it turns out, is significantly suppressed generic pain, people were killed feeling that support maternal instinct. Accordingly, the course of natural events has been broken.

As a rule, after delivery using anesthetic woman does not feel like a mother.

The child and his mother there as one unified system. They are connected not only with the help of the umbilical cord, but also thin bond on a subconscious level. If this connection is lost, then it is almost impossible to recover.

All this is possible if the mother will think not only about their pain, but also about the little man who had just come into the world.

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