Births Abroad: all the "pros" and "cons"

Births Abroad: all the "pros" and "cons"
 Recently genera abroad are becoming increasingly popular. In this case, if earlier generations like visiting considered a privilege of the stars, but today they could well afford and middle-class women. However, birth abroad on a par with the benefits, there are some drawbacks.

The main advantages of birth abroad include:

- Fitting maternity hospitals. Not only that, equipped with everything you need maternity hospitals overseas newest high-quality equipment, so still and delivery and postpartum Chamber of them are more like hotel rooms, rather than on hospital wards;

- Related to childbirth. Births Abroad always the most natural. In this case, the woman has the right to pick and choose who will be present at birth, and in what position they will occur;

- Anesthesia. Pain relief during labor abroad is carried out not only medical, but also by various other methods: aromatherapy, acupuncture, and the like;

- Staff. In contrast to the birth of our country overseas staff roddomov very polite, considerate and courteous.

As for the disadvantages of birth abroad, here they are:

- The high cost. Unfortunately, delivery abroad is still far from being available to every woman. In addition to the cost of the delivery, you will have to pay more and relocation services, translation services, rental housing;

- Risk of flight. Pregnant women are advised not travel by plane. At the same time they are highly undesirable for babies and children. This means that before the birth place you have to get other transport;

- Foreign language. Not only that, you will have to pay for an interpreter at all consultation with the doctor, the translator must also be present on childbirth;

- The visa. It is not always easy to get a visa to the desired country.

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