All the means of female contraception

All the means of female contraception
 In today's world, the woman herself has the right to decide to give birth to her or not. There are many ways to avoid unplanned pregnancies, but they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Not to harm their health and achieve maximum protection, it is necessary to see a doctor, so he picked up an individual method of contraception.
 Unfortunately, there is still some women use methods that can not be called proper contraception. This coitus interruptus, the calendar method and douching. They protect against pregnancy at most 50%, and provide no protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, should be used to protect other methods.

The most common and well-known way - mechanical, ie condom use. Its reliability depends on the quality of the product. Cheap products can not boast of reliability, it protects against pregnancy only 60% of cases. But the more expensive options can help in the 80-90%. Unfortunately, this product has its disadvantages. And so it is used every year less. The main disadvantage is discomfort, sometimes pain in both partners.

More modern and reliable way - is the use of oral hormonal contraceptives. Pick them should a doctor because every medicine has a different number of hormones. And self-selected funds can lead to hormonal disorders. The reliability of this method of contraception 97%, so many women resort to just such a method of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

There are many vaginal contraceptive methods. This caps that need to be removed after intercourse, and a spiral retaining their reliability for several years, and a variety of tablets and suppositories. Their most important drawback is that if not properly administered their reliability is zero. Such methods may also lead to an increase in the blood released during menstruation. But likely to become pregnant while using vaginal methods only 3%.

One of the newest methods of contraception - patch. It, like hormonal tablets administered to a certain number of hormones, which prevents the formation of the egg. The patch does not need to stick on a daily basis, it keeps the skin week. Undoubtedly, it is very convenient and reliable way, because its effectiveness 98%.

And the last option - sterilization. It lies in the fact that the woman tied up the fallopian tubes. This method of contraception gives a perfect result, but, unfortunately, it is irreversible. Therefore, sterilization is allowed only to women who have reached the 35th anniversary or having more than two children.

To make the right decision, you need to consult a doctor. After a mistake in the choice can cost you health.

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