All about contraception

All about contraception
 Sooner or later, in each pair there is a question as to avoid unwanted pregnancy, how to protect yourself and your partner from diseases that are sexually transmitted. Comes to the aid of contraception. In order to pick up contraceptives individually, you need to see a doctor - he will choose the method of protection in accordance with the state of health and the characteristics of the patient.

Medical workers insist on the use of contraception, because thanks to this partners can:
1. independently and timely planning a family and the birth of the child. Welcome baby - happiness for any family, can become an unwanted burden.
2. enjoy sex life without worrying about unwanted pregnancy.
3. The application of certain types of contraception partners can be confident that they will catch dangerous diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.
There are many misconceptions about contraceptive methods. The most common ones are: - a woman can get pregnant:
- Even at first intercourse with a man;
- If not an orgasm;
- In any position of sexual intercourse;
- Having sex during menstruation;
- During the period of breastfeeding;
- If the sperm from getting into the vagina, and remained on the external genitals;
- Interrupted during sexual intercourse;
- After an abortion or childbirth before come first menstruation;
- Even if it is thoroughly rinse the vagina and external genitalia immediately after intercourse.
Action contraceptive pills in the narrow sense purports to prevent fertilization of an egg by sperm. Today the most common methods of contraception are as follows:
- Barrier methods (male and female condoms, sponges, caps, etc.). They do not give the sperm reach the egg and fertilize it. The advantage of this method of contraception is that it can be applied to almost any person, with access to a doctor for advice is not necessary.
- Hormonal preparations (tablets, injections). Their action is aimed at suppressing ovulation, thickening the mucus in the cervix so sperm can not penetrate the egg, as well as the fact that the egg is not fertilized ripe opportunities.
- Intrauterine devices. Creates a hostile environment for sperm, do not let them get to the egg.
- Spermicides. Destroy or weaken the action of sperm.
- Biological (calendar) method. Vyschityvanii based on "safe" days for conception in the menstrual cycle, when the egg is not yet ripe for fertilization.
- Surgical method (sterilization). Is a radical method, because after he can not have children.
The ideal method of contraception there is only one - complete abstinence from sexual activity, other methods are selected individually and most appropriate specialist.

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