All about contraception: Navy

All about contraception: Navy
 One of the most common methods of contraception is the intrauterine device. Set it only gynecologist and prevents pregnancy for a period of one year to ten years, depending on the manufacturer. This method has the reliability of 70-90%.

Intrauterine device inserted into the uterus in order to long-term contraception. It may contain hormones have various shapes. Current models have a mustache, special threads, which are placed in the vagina.

By the action of the IUD thickened cervical mucus, moreover, spiral motion slows egg in the uterus, endometrial changes the structure. Its main purpose is to prevent the introduction of a fertilized egg in the uterus.

Navy should be introduced during menstruation, after abortion, postpartum or after 6 weeks. At this time, the neck ajar and as painless as possible, qualitative input coil in the uterus. Be sure to see what she has a shelf life, in any case, do not remove the coil alone. Deletes tool is also a gynecologist. The procedure takes less than 5 minutes.

This method of protection is not suitable for young and nulliparous girls. However, it is recommended for women who are breastfeeding, women after an uncomplicated abortion, women who can not drink and other hormonal contraceptives.

Navy is set for the long term and is effective from the date of introduction. After removing her ability to conceive returns immediately. There is a low percentage of side effects, the spiral does not affect the sexual act. This is a relatively inexpensive method of protection.

The disadvantage is the need for a thorough examination of the female genital organs before being introduced into the uterine cavity, inspection and detection of infections, sexually transmitted diseases. This method of contraception is not suitable girls who often change their sexual partners. Another drawback is the need to check the spiral after each menstrual period, because sometimes it can fall. It happens that in the first few months there has been increasing menstrual bleeding, pain.

You can not install a spiral women with acute inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, pregnancy. You should regularly visit a gynecologist and do an ultrasound.

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