What is hepatitis C

What is hepatitis C
 Liver disease hepatitis C virus leads to irreversible damage to the cells in the absence of appropriate treatment. The disease can be asymptomatic for years and is found only at the time of blood when inflammation of the liver has become chronic.
 Treatment of hepatitis C is complicated by the high mutable virus. Six known genotypes of the disease, each of which can have up to 40 species of virus. The human body does not have time to respond to the emergence of new forms, and of antiviral therapy becomes ineffective.

The disease often begins without symptoms at the initial stage preicteric period may be missing. The very course of the disease is considered to be easy, but a very high percentage of transition in the chronic form of hepatitis, the treatment of which can be carried out for years without a guaranteed result. If not treated, the patient can develop cirrhosis and cancer.

Ways of hepatitis C infection include transmission of the virus through blood (syringes, manicure tools and tattooing, untreated medical instruments, blood transfusions), sexually (a small percentage of cases), during pregnancy and childbirth. Increasing the number of cases of hepatitis C among drug users recorded - Failure to use the syringe leads to infection.

Detection of hepatitis among people who do not at risk, occurs when blood tests. In general, the disease can not be shown, so people do not consider it necessary to be surveyed. Sometimes the damage is expressed in the body change indigestion, fatigue, weakness, asthenic syndrome.

Treatment of hepatitis C is to conduct special preparations antiviral therapy, each of which has a pronounced toxic effect. Therapy is conducted courses, each of which can last from three months to a year or more. Periodically held control parameters, which allows to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and change agents. When pronounced manifestations of intoxication shows replacement of the main drugs therapy. If treatment is started in time, the cure for hepatitis C is quite possible - it all depends on the state of immunity, the degree of liver damage, such as genotype, viral load values ​​and the correct choice of antiviral drugs. Vaccines against hepatitis C does not exist.

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