What is gastritis

What is gastritis
 In currently available often hear diagnosis "gastritis". What it means, and why there is possible to recover from it, it is known not for everyone. And yet, this is a serious pathology of the gastrointestinal tract calls for a special attention.
 Gastritis - gastric disease characterized by inflammation of the mucosa of its interior. It is the cause of dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract.

Allocate a number of causes of gastritis. For one of the groups, provoking his appearance, include stress, depression and neurosis arising from a busy work schedule, possible night shift, disturb the natural biorhythms of the body, conflicts at work and at home, etc.

Another cause of gastritis is a poor diet, including the absence of the regime, inferior diet (dry rations), poor quality food (containing carcinogens and other harmful substances).

The abuse of alcohol and smoking can lead to the development of gastritis. Infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori is a prerequisite to the emergence of this disease. But the occurrence of gastritis can happen without the participation of external causes (for example, as a result of autoimmune processes occurring in the body).

Symptoms of the disease usually appear heartburn, nausea, feeling of heaviness, abdominal pain. Untreated or poorly-treated gastritis sometimes threaten such serious diseases as peptic ulcer and (or) the duodenum.

Diagnostic comprehensive examination for suspected gastritis usually includes analysis of gastric juice, endoscopic techniques, a blood test for tumor markers, hormones, identifying infections that affect the appearance of the disease.

Treatment is made by modern gastritis medicaments including antibiotics, under medical supervision. It is also possible physiotherapy. At the time begun treatment and subject to any rules prescribed by a physician (day regimen, diet, smoking cessation and alcohol, etc.), its prognosis is favorable enough.

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