Surgical treatment of obesity: "pros" and "cons"

Surgical treatment of obesity: "pros" and "cons"
 Today, in the era of the food industry in the era of fast food and convenience foods more and more people suffer from obesity. Fight this disease on their own turns out not for everyone. Sport, diet, overeating coding ineffective in the fight against excess weight. And then rushes to the aid of medicine - surgical treatment of obesity.  

The most common operation to combat overweight is laparoscopic gastric banding. The operation in that at the upper part of the stomach is attached cuff which divides it into two compartments. Satiety occurs when the lower part of the stomach is filled, warning the body from overeating. As a consequence, reduced mass of the human body.

For more severe cases of obesity used a different method of treatment - bypass surgery. Here, too, the stomach is divided into two unequal parts, but the fundamental difference is that the large cavity of the stomach simply excluded from the digestion, and less directly connected to the rectum.

Patients who use this method of treatment, consume everything familiar products but due to the rapid saturation of the body will soon part with newly gained overwork kilograms.
To determine the state of criticality can calculate their body mass index (weight divided by height squared). The index must be no more than 40. You can find simpler: height - 110 women and growth - 100 for men. The resulting figure corresponds to your ideal weight (which is allowed up to + 10 kg). If the index exceeds the permitted limit, you need to see a specialist. Surely, in this case there is a problem of obesity.

While resorting to the help of surgery and can receive unconditional advantage - weight loss, however, this treatment is suitable is not for everyone. And often the necessary means to combat fat deposits in the body are a gym and an appointment with a dietitian.

Surgical weight loss surgery is relatively safe, but do not forget that it is still interference with the normal functioning of the body that can lead to a number of risks, which need to be informed.

Among the disadvantages of surgery can be noted in trouble after surgery: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, infectious wounds. About 10% of people undergoing surgery, needed re-intervention physicians. Even after the successful completion of the operation are frequent cases of gallstones requiring removal of the gallbladder, lack of vitamins in the body, the excess skin.

Therefore, before you decide on surgery, you need to weigh all the "pros" and against ". In any case, to fight against excess weight and can be more humane methods (exercise and a healthy diet), and then under the knife and go to bed!

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