Such different allergies

Such different allergies
 Doctors call allergic disease of the century. Indeed, different kinds of allergies affect millions of inhabitants of our planet. In Russia, about a third of the population suffer from seasonal changes in weather, flowering plants and a change of diet. What is an allergy, and why it's so hard to fight?

First of all allergy - a hypersensitivity to any substances. Upon contact with the human immune system is their unusually reacts includes its protective function. Experts attribute the increasing development of allergic diseases with adverse environmental conditions of modern cities. No wonder that urban dwellers suffer from this disease is 3-4 times more than the rural population.

Allergies can be different. Someone responds to dust or pollen runny nose and watery eyes. Someone is irritating to the skin food. Can cause allergic drugs, cosmetics, household chemicals, insect venom, preservatives and animal dander. In the world there are millions of allergens that are just waiting for an opportunity to spoil our lives.

Respiratory allergic rhinitis accompanied, rhinosinusitis, conjunctivitis and often follows a chronic bronchial asthma, which is characterized by shortness of breath and attacks of breathlessness. Usually the disease is cyclical, ie the period of acute punctuated by periods of remission.

Food allergy occurs in 10% of the population and is accompanied by skin lesions, itching, neurodermatitis and pathology of the gastrointestinal tract. Manifestation of chronic allergic inflammation of the skin is considered atopic dermatitis, which is also often associated with respiratory manifestations of allergy.

If the skin rash appears or minor swelling, it is most likely symptoms of urticaria or her "big brother" - angioedema. Often this rash occurs on the mucous tissues, and edema of the larynx can lead to suffocation and even death. If you experience the first signs of the edema should immediately call a doctor.

For prevention of allergy should first identify the cause of its occurrence. After determining the need to create a hypoallergenic allergen conditions in homes and offices, special diet and take medications prescribed by the doctor. In the treatment is also used hypnosis, psychotherapy, acupuncture. Most homeopathic remedies are considered harmless. But in any case before undertaking treatment should consult with specialists.

Enjoy every healthy day!

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