Prevention of heart disease

Prevention of heart disease
Oh, how my heart beat! These words are ready to repeat every lover of his beloved. And listen to the beating of his heart desired. Especially if you are going to marry him - this is the first. And second - if you want to have children by him. According to statistics, men are more likely to suffer from various defects of the heart. And heart disease can be inherited, or rather a predisposition to it. Therefore, before planning additions to the family - seek medical advice. Let check just in case. But not always, heart problems - a gift of their ancestors, very often we create the causes of heart disease. On this day and tell the women's magazine JustLady.

Causes of heart diseasein principle, lie on the surface. Lack of exercise, smoking, coffee in extreme quantities, alcohol, fatty and salty foods, stimulants, stress ... and promiscuous sex. Oddly enough, too much sex - this is not good, according to many scientists. However, it is fair to say that at least as many scholars hold the opposite view. Of course, both sides agree on one thing - the excessive use of Viagra is harmful to your health. All of the above reasons may lead to a diverse bunch of diseases cardiac arrhythmias, atherosclerosis, inflammatory heart disease, hypertension, myocardial ischemia, cardiosclerosis, heart failure, and so on. Sometimes, of course, that heart disease occurs as a complication after surgery or other serious diseases transferred, but ... most of us are to blame.

Define "by eye" is there a problem with the heart is not so hard if there is shortness of breath, heart pain, lethargy, apathy, bad mood, uneven heartbeat - you need to consult a doctor. Examination of the heart and blood vessels, in principle, should be the same standard as visiting the dentist and gynecologist. Especially if after birth, became visible veins in the legs or hurts hemorrhoids.

Prevention of heart disease

Oftencauses of heart diseaseassociated with malnutrition.On Advertising dairy product, which supposedly cleanses the blood vessels of cholesterol plaques - all have heard.But any self-respecting doctor will tell (and female site JustLady totally agree) that clean the blood vessels so it is impossible.Need to constantly take care of yourself and your heart and eat what is good.To the heart was healthy, doctors recommend as much as possible have fish, vegetables and fruit.Bread with bran, beans, kidney beans, soybeans, eggplant and fresh greens bind cholesterol and removes it from the body - so they should always be on the table.Especially useful dried fruits.And especially - dried apricots.It is full of potassium, which is essential for normal heart function.It is also desirable to abandon spicy, salty, fatty and smoked foods.She did such food is not useful, though tasty ... there's nothing to argue.In fact, doctors say that the predisposition to heart disease, especially if there are relatives who suffer from cardiovascular disease, it is necessary to restrict the use of milk, cream, eggs, mayonnaise, butter, eggs, fat cheese.This is probably the mainPrevention of heart disease.

The next on the list should overweight. Ugly, of course, people with this problem to poke his nose, but it is necessary. People who are overweight in the number of complications of heart ahead of heavy smokers. Yes, and concomitant diseases were much more than that thin persons.

Following the "Best of patients with myocardial" are smokers .. After these coffee drinkers and alcoholics. And the chances of a heart attack increases if all three groups combined. Here it without comment.

Mainheart disease preventioncan be considered exercise therapy. But without fanaticism, especially if you are not particularly youth sports bestowed. One of the best remedies for the prevention of heart disease is swimming. This is practically the only sport that, firstly, makes the muscles work. And secondly, through proper breathing, helps the heart work in the natural mode without overloading. Just cardiologists advise jog.

And, of course, need to avoid stress. If you are thin-skinned and sensitive people - take a mild sedative, avoid people who you are not pleasant, not conflict and controversy. Get plenty of rest, read, walk ... I mean enjoy life and learn to see it as good as possible. And then the heart of the case you will have to worry only in the context of "Love, love !!! ". By the way, according to the observations of the female site JustLady, love a very positive effect on the heart. Causing it to beat faster and with joy.

Natalia Toropova
Women's magazine JustLady

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