How to treat joints

How to treat joints
 Joint diseases occur for several reasons. This sedentary lifestyle of modern man, and genetic predisposition, and injuries, and endocrine disorders. Onset of the disease often goes unnoticed. And the man asks for help to doctors when the pain becomes severe and persistent, which means that destructive process in the joints is active. Treatment of articular diseases should be carried out under the strict supervision of a specialist rheumatologist.
 Minimum load

Bone and joints connecting provide mobility of the human body. They are designed for continuous hard work. But the diseased joint needs frequent rest. It is particularly important to reduce the load and evenly distribute it throughout the day.

From running and jumping will have to give at all, even if the earlier you daily athletics. But it is imperative to go on foot. Begin treatment with a walk 10-20 minutes a day. At the first sign of fatigue - stop and rest. Once in 2-3 days add 1 minute walk.

Change your walk, make it smooth and soft, "cat". Do not make any sudden movements and do not carry bags weighing more than 5 kg. Choose comfortable shoes on a low steady heel. Going up or down the stairs, the first step to put a healthy pace, and the patient carefully pull it.

Healthy Eating

Diet for joints should be balanced. Very useful foods rich hondroprotektorami - substances regenerating damaged joint tissues. Most chondroprotectors human body can digest of meat or chicken cartilage. Eat lean meat, fish, seafood, fat cottage cheese, dried apricots. Delete the same menu you need salt, mushrooms, sausage, smoked, hot spices, soft drinks and alcohol.


Medications prescribed for diseases of the joints, relieve pain and reduce inflammation. The doctor may prescribe analgesics, nonsteroidal (non-hormonal) anti-inflammatory drugs, glucocorticoids, or a combination of several vehicles. All medicines should be taken strictly under the said scheme and a rheumatologist in the assigned dosage.

Besides tablets often used so-called "method of the blockade." Its essence is that the special points of the diseased joint injections of painkillers. Improvement occurs quite rapidly and may last from a few weeks to a year. The decision to use "blockade" The surgeon in cases where other treatments have not justified.

New techniques

For the treatment of joints in modern medicine is used several previously unknown methods:

1. Laser. The procedure is based on the release of calcium ions involved in the restoration of bone tissue. After a few sessions decreases pain, reduces swelling of the joints, inflammation suspended;
2. Electrophoresis. The magnetic field is introduced into the joint tissue drug. This method provides fast pain relief;
3. Ultrasound therapy. Ultrasound has a relaxing and warming effect on muscles that connect the joints. It is often used to treat inflammatory diseases of the joints, when the traditional warming procedures are contraindicated;
4. Shock-wave therapy. Special device produces waves of a certain frequency that restores natural metabolism in the tissues of the joint, breaking unhealthy growths and other entities.

Folk remedies

Herbal treatment and all kinds of rubbing may be additional to the basic method chosen physician. The effectiveness of folk remedies is not contradicted by official medicine. However, before applying fitosredstv, make sure not allergic to them.

Popular means to reduce joint pain are broths balm, cherry, black currant. The recipe for their preparation is the same: 1 tablespoon of dried leaves to brew 1 cup of boiling water and let stand for 4-6 hours. Strained broth to drink 1 tablespoon before meals 3-4 times a day.

For external use traditional medicine recommends leaves of burdock and lard. Large leaves of burdock washed with cold water, dried and at night tied to aching joints. Lard (100 g) was passed through a meat grinder, mixed with common salt (1 tablespoon) and rubbed into the joints.

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