How to treat diabetes

How to treat diabetes
 Diabetes - a serious endocrine disease, the treatment of which must necessarily be complex. As a rule, treatment of diabetes involves medication, diet and the use of folk remedies.
 Drug treatment of patients with diabetes appoint a doctor, endocrinologist, which calculates the required dose for a particular patient drugs that reduce blood sugar levels. In mild cases of the disease it can be a tablet, and if diabetes has already passed in the severe form, patients were administered daily injections of insulin.

Compliance with special diets - it is no less important factor in the treatment of diabetes. Usually it is recommended to diabetics to completely eliminate sugar from your diet and instead use special substitutes recommended by your doctor. In addition, they also need to limit consumption of sweet fruit, pastries and cakes, which can provoke an aggravation of the disease. Suffering from this disease should abandon the vegetables, which is composed of starch and carbohydrates. Of dairy products in the diabetic menu can include only dairy products with low fat - fat cottage cheese, hard cheese or butter can only worsen the patient's condition. It is desirable that the diet of the patient attended fish, beef, poultry, seafood, cereal with fat-free milk, pears, citrus fruits and apples sour varieties.

The range for the treatment of diabetes may be included folk treatments for this serious disease, which can be used only after the approval of the attending physician. In order to reduce blood sugar levels, traditional medicine recommends a variety of methods, one of which is a decoction of bay leaf. To make it, the 10-leaf sheet of medium size are placed in a glass or enamel pot, pour 3 cups boiling water and infuse under the lid closed for 2-3 hours. The prepared broth should take 100 ml 3 times per day. Treatment bay leaf is 7 days. If you use the popular treatments the patient in any case can not give up on their own medicines prescribed by your doctor or reduce their dose - this can lead to serious consequences.

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