Heliotherapy: treatment with sunlight

Heliotherapy: treatment with sunlight
 Heliotherapy or solntselechenie is the most accessible and enjoyable way to recovery. Moreover, the sunlight and is useful for prophylaxis. But to get from this procedure only benefit, it is important to comply with certain conditions, as the sun can be insidious.
 The ability of sunlight to provide a therapeutic effect is due to the improvement of blood circulation. With this activated, many physiological processes, improves metabolism and restores the function of many body systems.

Exposure to sunlight promotes the development of the pineal gland hormone - melatonin, which affects the amount of the aging process. Therefore, moderate and regular sunbathing able to maintain health and prolong youth for many years. However, it is not necessary at this forget that this is not the only condition longevity.

Treatment of sunlight is used in many skin diseases. And all because of its ability to provide the skin bactericidal (disinfectant) effect, and also improves circulation and blood flow to the skin, due to which there is its renovation and restoration. Under the influence of the sun are absorbed certain inflammatory skin rashes, and evens.

Exposure to sunlight increases metabolism. And this in turn leads to a more rapid absorption of the mineral components of the food, especially protein. Thus there is a more intense fat burning, which is important for those who want to maintain their figure.

Treatment of sunlight is useful for the sick and weak, as it improves the immune system. Heliotherapy also used for the treatment of chronic inflammatory processes. Whereas during their acute sun better care of oneself.

Sun bathing are necessary for the production of vitamin D, calcium, with the participation of which is able to be absorbed. Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to rickets, bone fractures and diseases of the spine.

One of the important properties of sunlight is the ability to suspend the growth of cancer cells. And it happens due to the synthesis of its own protective proteins - interferon and interleykotsitov.

Treatment of sunlight passes as sunbathing. And to get to the body only uses must comply with certain conditions, as the sun's rays can be insidious and instead use can bring decreased immunity and increased disease. Moreover, their inept conduct can cause burns to the skin, which at times increases the risk of cancer.

That the sun was safe and useful, sunbathing better to take through the trees or under an awning, avoiding direct sunlight. Heliotherapy first session should be no more than 5-10 minutes, the second - from 10 to 15 minutes. Further, adding every day for 5 minutes, bring up to 1 hour per day.

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