Every expectant mother wants to be completely sure that her baby will be born healthy. Modern methods of medical research permit. There are also a series of tests designed to determine whether a baby has malformations that require immediate attention. On one of these tests - amniotsentoze - tell a women's magazine JustLady.

If you are at least somewhat familiar with medical terminology, you probably already guessed that the procedureamniotsentoz somehow connected with the amniotic fluid (amniotic fluid). And you're absolutely right, because that is the analysis of amniotic fluid is called amniotsentozom.

To collect the liquid taken long needle is introduced through the abdominal wall it and take a syringe with a small amount of liquid in which the baby floats. Usually sufficient for analysis 10-30 ml of amniotic fluid, and their absence does not affect the baby.

After the procedure, the hole sealed with adhesive tape, which is not allowed to withdraw for a few hours. A couple of days is not recommended as watering the puncture site, lift weights and have sex.

Amniotsentoz: it dangerous?

This procedure causes a lot of fear among young mothers. The forums can be read horror stories about the leakage of water or miscarriage after the procedure. Characteristically, these stories usually begin with the words: "I heard from one woman ...." Or "My friend told me how one of her friends ....". Hence it is clear that the rumors spread mostly by those who themselves through such a procedure does not pass.

It would seem, do not worry, the more that agree toamniotsentoz or not, to decide ultimately the woman herself. But, having heard such horror stories, women prefer to refuse to ignore the recommendations of doctors and end up in difficult situations.

Those of moms who decided to do the test, most of them do not support the fears of concerned forumchanok and talk about what the procedure is quick (1-3 minutes), virtually painless (like a simple shot) and do not cause any trouble afterwards. The most difficult for them becomes a process waiting for the results of laboratory tests, which sometimes last for up to 5 weeks.

On the other hand, if the test shows that everything is all right, mom can be quite sure that the baby is in good health, is developing normally, and for sure to know the sex of the baby.


Amniotsentoz: indications and results

What's the needamniotsentozAnd who prescribed procedure? The fact that the baby is in the process of growing reserves in the amniotic fluid, so to speak, waste products. Specifically skin cells and other substances, and by the presence of which can determine whether the baby is developing, whether he had any serious illnesses that can lead to termination of pregnancy or the birth of an infant with severe pathology.

That is why the doctor prescribedamniotsentozIf other tests show that there is a risk nepravlenogo development. Primarilyamniotsentoz perhaps the only way to determine the baby genetic diseases, such as Down syndrome and other ailments associated with the wrong number of chromosomes. This procedure also allows "to expose" a number of diseases of the central nervous system abnormalities in the development of muscles, the presence of tumors.

Of Course,amniotsentoz unable to determine virtually all disease will not show it and birth defects (cleft lip and so on). But the fact that the procedure is carried out with ultrasound (another guarantee that the risk to the baby is excluded) and that ultrasound can show what not tell the analysis of amniotic fluid.

Amniotsentoz most often prescribed to women older than 35 years, as you know, the older mother, the greater the risk of developing pathologies. Also indications for such studies may be a family history of genetic disorders, birth of a previous child with abnormalities, suspected any deviations identified during the ultrasound.

Also the need for amniotsentoza may occur if it is assumed penetration of infection into the placenta. Can not do without this test, if there is a risk of premature birth. In this case, the analysis of amniotic fluid shows how the development of light baby. If the lungs are not mature, doctors make an effort to prolong pregnancy for some time, until they form.

Amniotsentoz usually appointed for a period of 15-18 weeks of pregnancy. Before the procedure, a young mother interviewed and tell her what is and what will be done. It is clear that a pregnant woman worried about the hardest risk of this procedure for her and her baby. In these cases, the doctor explained that, as with any other interventions, there is a small amount (about 1%), that end of infection or miscarriage. However, to dateamniotsentoz sufficient-traveled and performed it well trained professionals.

Mother's body at the puncture necessarily treated by antiseptic, as well provides local anesthesia. Using ultrasound, doctors will find a place that is at the maximum distance from the baby and that's where the needle will enter. After the procedure, my mother recommended to spend rest of the day in peace and rest, and tomorrow you can go back to the regular schedule.

Do not be afraid and duration of the laboratory tests. Usually, doctors say that the analysis will be ready in 2-3 weeks. But as practice shows, this is not always the case. Sometimes doctors have to grow missing in the analysis of cells and the like to engage in manipulation, before proceeding with the analysis.

So, if your answer is delayed, do not worry, just be patient and wait. But if after the procedure you started severe abdominal pain or discharge mixed with blood, fever body, then you should call the doctor immediately.

If right now you are faced with the question, do or not doamniotsentoz, Think carefully about the risks to which you expose yourself and your baby, giving up procedure. If you have doubts about the destination before flatly refuse, better ask advice from another doctor, you may be easier to make decisions on the basis of the two opinions. If you do not want to be subjected to this study, remember that you are the right to do it, and no one can make you.

Alexander Panyutin
Women's magazine JustLady

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