What is the raw food diet and how it is good for health

What is the raw food diet and how it is good for health
 Raw food diet is called eating foods not subjected to heat treatment. This style of food is aimed at the preservation and promotion of health, to cure of any disease.
 Proponents of this system use vegetable-dairy raw foods because they believe that the heat treatment reduces the energy and biological value of food. Exception - whole wheat unleavened bread. Cereals are encouraged to eat sprouted in the form of permitted vegetable oil, dried fruit, mineral or plain water unboiled.

Raw food diet is extreme, when to eat, you can only tops of plants and herbs, with its other direction use only fresh fruits and berries. Classic and sparing him the same form without any vegetation and many dairy products.

According to numerous studies, fresh fruits and vegetables, not subjected to heat treatment have a beneficial effect on the body. Proponents of raw food less often than others to suffer from cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Many vegetables are natural coloring compounds - carotenoids, destroyed during cooking or suppression. Meanwhile, they play a significant role in stimulating the body's defenses, in slowing the development of tumors.

Raw foods contain dietary fiber, which helps get rid of constipation, hemorrhoids. Such a style of food helps normalize water exchange, which is very important in order to facilitate the flow of rheumatic diseases, as well as the problems with the kidneys, high blood pressure.

Excess weight efficiently and safely cleared if the raw food diet than during fasting: stomach quickly filled thermally unprocessed foods, there is a feeling of satiety. Useful raw vegetables and fruits for the teeth, strengthen the gums. Dates and nuts are recommended when the system power supply, charge the body with energy, and legumes, spinach, wheat, cauliflower - enrich its proteins.

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