What is PMS

What is PMS
 Every person, especially a woman - a slave of his moods. Each of us is familiar a state where we strive to achieve our goals, all of the code on the shoulder. But suddenly the mood changes and it seems that life did not work, do not turn and do not add the most basic things. And this is not a whim of women, this is the period before the start of the menstrual cycle, which is called premenstrual syndrome and abbreviated - PMS.

Every woman is inherent unpredictability and variability of moods. Men sometimes amazed and sometimes frightened causeless sensitivity, outbursts of anger, tears flow over trifles or no reason. Women also explain the nature of this state. The scientists found an association between the woman's menstrual cycle and her psychological state. It turns out that some toxic substances accumulate before menstruation and cause irritability, mood swings affect.

But the main cause of this syndrome - cyclic hormonal changes. Once a month for 2-12 days before the arrival of menstruation in the body begin to accumulate female hormones that regulate the entire menstrual cycle and affect the central nervous system - progesterone and estrogen. If their number increased equally, such negative phenomena have not followed. But at this point one hormone begins podavlivat other and have discomfort, which also called premenstrual syndrome.

First of all, this syndrome are prone women with chronic diseases or those whose work is related to mental stress. The impetus for the development of PMS can serve as a tubal ligation, abortion, hormonal contraception or infectious diseases. All these diseases are found in almost every woman's life and can lead to reduced levels of progesterone, which is produced by the ovaries in the second half of the menstrual cycle.

Since there is no special PMS and clear system development, as well as diagnostic method, sometimes it is not always possible to identify the doctor.

At present, the medicine has the potential treatment of premenstrual syndrome. This can be physical therapy, specially selected drugs, neck massage, acupuncture, massage and special gynecological therapy. First of all, you need to change your lifestyle, especially in the second half of the menstrual cycle. Do not worry, do not overload themselves with work, do not overdo it and get plenty of rest. Walking - a great way to recovery, which should be given at least one hour a day.

Aim for the ideal weight for your age, eat small meals regularly. Prefer greens, vegetables, beans and grains. Reduce your intake of alcohol, sweets, fats and meat, tea and coffee. Quit smoking and enjoy a workout. God bless you.

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