Treatment and prevention of diathesis

Treatment and prevention of diathesis
 The word "diathesis" is familiar to parents of young children. Its main symptom: the appearance of the skin baby red, often scaly spots. Sometimes occur and additional features, such as indigestion, cough.
 Uninformed people in medicine is often confused with allergic diathesis. However, the mechanisms of these phenomena are quite different. Unlike allergies, diathesis manifests itself due to age features of the child's body and digestive system. Therefore, pediatricians as the main measures to prevent diathesis is called a proper diet as infants and older children. Care must be taken to introduce solid foods in the child's diet, eliminating allergens and foods, carefully observe the effect on his body.

If diathesis yet manifested, you need to follow a diet. Of course, loving parents is not easy to deny your baby in all sorts of treats, but still have to exclude from his diet a variety of products. This, above all, red berries (strawberries, raspberries), citrus fruits, nuts, chocolate. Apricots, peaches, honey, various sweets, too, alas, are on this list. Also fall under the ban on meat soup or chicken broth, egg yolk. With strong diathesis should be deleted as cow's milk, and even porridge - this dish is considered almost perfect for a small child, can provoke an aggravation of an allergic reaction.

You must comply strictly with all the treating pediatrician. In addition to diet doctor prescribes medications that reduce itching, as well as a sedative drug action and vitamin complexes. Since diathesis often leads to intestinal dysbiosis, you should regularly pass stool for tests and, if necessary, take steps to restore the intestinal microflora. You can also use traditional methods of treatment. For example, give the child crushed eggshells, tincture of cranberry, dandelion root, black radish juice. In some instances, well helps goat milk, which, in contrast to bovine much more easily digested by the body and rarely causes an allergic reaction.

If, despite all the measures taken, the baby diathesis seen for a long time, you must show the child to other doctors: allergy and immunology.

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