This mysterious metabolism

This mysterious metabolism
 Careful adherence to the principles of good nutrition without harsh restrictions and prohibitions backed up, as a rule, the fear of a violation of metabolic processes. Man once again afraid to eat this or that product, believing that it can affect its shape. Experts say that this fear - an exaggeration. Doing the same low-calorie diet promotes beauty, longevity and well-being.

Do not accelerate metabolism

Forums and magazines, Pestryaev tips for dieters, calling accelerate metabolism. Thus, the food must be digested quickly, without delay in the adipose tissue. But we must not forget that the metabolism characterized by metabolic processes throughout the body, not only controls the digestion of food. Regularity "the faster the internal organs, the faster they wear out" - has not been canceled. Speeding up metabolism, we are approaching old age.

History of science

Scientists have discovered a link between the amount of food consumed, life expectancy and health in the 30-ies. the last century. Laboratory mice that were fed much less his fellow, less ill with various diseases (including cancer).

For ten years, researchers of the US fed control group of monkeys diet, lower by 30% than that of the other groups of animals. They formed slim and small in size, they have reduced body temperature and slows metabolism. It is proved that the reduction in the overall body temperature of one degree Celsius prolongs the viability of 3 times.

Low-calorie food prolongs the life of fruit flies twice, and laboratory rats by 30-40%. Animals hibernating have slow metabolism that prolongs their life several times.

The complexity of O

All conclusions are based on scientific experiments on animals. A person can have a common strand of DNA from a pig or Drosophila, however, is not a reason for identifying human bodies and fauna. To obtain accurate data, experiments on humans, and they are prohibited by law.

But scientists still possible to observe the effects of various restrictive diets in specialized medical institutions. They noticed that a decrease in the diet of 25% successfully reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's. This effect is particularly noticeable in the elderly. There are also disadvantages - most of the drugs for weight loss lies in the forbidden list because of the content in its composition of amphetamine-type substances. Taking such a means, a person loses weight rapidly, and with it, and health.

Slow metabolism - the key to a long life

Lacking calories our body connects its internal reserves and thus provides the necessary substances all organs. In turn, the organs begin to work steadily and clearly that was not overeating and failure to comply with food hygiene. Saving energy to warm the body and digestion, this mode help prolong the life and strengthen the immune system. Improves the condition of the skin, there is ease in the whole body, shortness of breath disappears. Thus, we are capable to push the aging process up to 50-60 years.

Rules and restrictions

For long life in a healthy and slender body must follow the following rules supply:

- The basis of your diet should be based on plant foods. It is rich in fiber, which increases the body's resistance;
- Try to eat raw fruits and vegetables, do not forget about vegetable oils;
- Less eat foods high in protein (meat and animal fats). Animal protein can be easily obtained from lean meat, poultry, seafood and dairy products;
- Try to avoid such carbohydrate foods: sugar, flour products, polished rice;
- Give preference to fortified foods rich in micronutrients;
- Do not give up a periodic fasting;
- Do not forget about good sleep and rest;
- Watch your weight and hold it at the desired level.

Reasonable approach

Compliance with any diet must be reasonable. You can lose weight as well as to endanger their health and lives. Refuse food altogether, people risk dying. Limiting the same diet gives a positive effect in the form of rejuvenation, improving health and appearance. Do not go to extremes - moderate diet will give you a more effective weight loss, rather than a strict diet. Age aspect is no less important - growing organism is contraindicated rejection of nutrients, vitamins and minerals contained in many foods. Than older people, the better to stick to austerity in the diet.

From theory to practice

Few people are willing to reduce your diet and rethink their eating habits. Food should not be your sense of life, should not control you and your mind. If you are unable to have lunch or dinner, praise yourself for what made it possible your body a break from the stress. Proper nutrition will lead you to the desired result and a great feeling.

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