The most common tourist diseases

The most common tourist diseases
 Every year, many of our compatriots go abroad on holiday. However, not all aware of the dangers that await them on uncharted ground. The main danger - the probability of the disease.

Oddly enough, the most common disease among tourists - is diarrhea. Because the body has adapted to the "usual" bacteria that occur at home. Therefore, faced with another kind of bacteria, the body can not cope, resulting in emerging diseases.

Does not prevent the invasion of infection in the body even observe basic rules of hygiene: wash hands before eating, do not eat unwashed fruits and vegetables. Most often, this is the fault of the water. Yes, most ordinary water. Because of problems with its quality and often occur intestinal diseases.

Also diseases associated with water, there is also quite a number of diseases transmitted by insects. And here the palm keeps malaria. And in recent years, it spread all over increases, reaching southern Europe. The fact is that mosquitoes, which are the main malaria vector, adapted to colder and drier climate and learned how to thrive in it. Especially keep in mind that there is no vaccination against malaria, which contributes to the spread of the disease.

Tourists visiting the tropics, are increasingly faced with dengue fever. Against this disease no drugs, so it goes for very severe. Moreover, fever virus is constantly mutating. Also expands the area where there is a potential danger to fall ill with fever. In addition to the countries of Central America and India, the disease spread to the Caribbean, which has become a very popular holiday destination for Russians in recent years.

In addition to these kinds of diseases abroad meets a host of other, less dangerous, but it makes the rest of torture, disease. One of the interesting features is that some diseases have an incubation period. That is, returning home after some time, the person starts to hurt. Of course, doctors have no idea about how to diagnose and treat disease exotic, imported from tours. Hence, a large number of serious consequences of disease, including up to full disability.

Therefore, before you go on a vacation trip to exotic countries, you need to think about the possible consequences

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