The beneficial effects of cryo

The beneficial effects of cryo
 Human desire to be beautiful and look attractive natural and understandable to all. But each person chooses their own individual way and programs to achieve this goal. As a rule, the fight against excess weight is due to the long grueling exercise, diet and beauty treatments.

Innovative technologies that are applied in cryosauna provide new opportunities in the method for the prevention and recovery of the body. Brief exposure to air jets of liquid nitrogen on the human body (the duration of one session only three minutes), can replace many hours of exercise and starvation.

Experts note that the active processes in the body, which had been stimulated by low temperature (an average of about -150 degrees) during cryo, run backup mechanisms of the immune system, speed up metabolism, which promotes weight loss. Weight loss of five pounds - a nice bonus for the course of ten treatments cryosauna.

Dermatologists say the healing effect of cryo on human skin. With the course of treatment cured allergic irritation, dermatitis and psoriasis. A common skin condition improved by increasing microcirculation and oxygenation at the cellular level, there is a natural rejuvenation of the skin and internal organs of the body.

The fast pace of modern life leads people to stress, accumulation of physical and mental fatigue that requires discharge. A wonderful opportunity to get rid of the negative, recharge your batteries and get a beautiful dream, provides cryosauna. The procedure is very unusual in a good mood already secured only by a visit to her, because familiarity with the new person is always enriching new experiences, and in the case of cryo and new sensations. Concerns about a very low temperature in vain, comfort is provided by the complete absence of moisture.

Influence cryosauna on the human body beneficial. This is a good way to hardening of the body, the ability to maintain the actual physical shape and attractive appearance, constantly be in good shape and good spirits. Cryosauna can be taken and children. Before the course of treatment should consult a doctor who will determine the indications for visiting, temperature, frequency and duration of sessions.

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