Sources of diseases in the office

Sources of diseases in the office
 In today's world there is such a thing as "the office of the disease." Many may wonder what is this strange disease, which even gave a special name. And nothing they do not surprising: Office of the disease appear to sedentary work, from the noise of eye fatigue. Harmless daily signs of fatigue and malaise over time turn into a serious illness.

Very often, office workers suffer from problems in the musculoskeletal system. The reason for this is a long sitting in one position, and in most cases - is wrong. Because of this may occur: low back pain, scoliosis, sciatica. By continuous operation of the computer can be felt numbness in the fingers, and this in the future may well be the cause of chronic diseases of the hands.

No less dangerous enemy office worker - a computer monitor. Many employers are cutting back on the protection of its employees, on the installation of modern computer systems. Therefore, people's eyes get tired, which can cause serious vision problems.

The most common and unpleasant disease of office workers - a hemorrhoid. Moreover, it often occurs equally in both men and women. It sedentary work is considered the first cause of hemorrhoids, as the blood stagnates in the pelvic organs and gives impetus to the development of this very unpleasant disease.

But it is not only concerned about physical ailments office workers. Due to the constant hum of work systems, many people do not even realizing it, are constantly in stress. This leads to stress, depression, nervous disorders.

If the office is working a lot of people, and the relationship between them is incorrect, it may be very unpleasant atmosphere in the room. This creates tension, people are constantly nervous, frustrated, conflict. All this would not be good health, sooner or later, such a tension will result in any disease. For good reason, many doctors believe that the weak nervous system - is the cause of all health problems.

Therefore it is necessary to take care of their health to: if the work is sedentary, from time to time it is necessary to do the exercises, you can run through the floor. When working at the computer, wear safety goggles, learn special exercises for the eyes. And if the atmosphere in the team is very tense, do not think about it, laugh and joke with colleagues, so it's easier to go through the trouble.

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