Sleep deprivation - a disease or psychological aspect?

Sleep deprivation - a disease or psychological aspect?
 Statistics show that almost one in five people living in developed countries suffers from sleep disorders. And the truth is rarely seen an individual who at least once in a lifetime would not experience this unpleasant feeling as insomnia. Along with other important factors, deprives a person of sleep, it should be emphasized psychological. What are they?

Often the reason is the fear of sleep disorders. Fear of some specific circumstances, or simply fear not sleep. Sometimes it is unstructured fear - just a man unconsciously afraid of something and worries.

Also, do not let us sleep guilt, outstanding obligations, inability to shake off the burden of accumulated problems, excessive fussiness and so on. And sometimes the cause of insomnia are the emotions that overwhelmed us for a long time, but never had to throw out.

In general, all the reasons why we can not get to sleep, follow their psychological problems, which we could not solve during wakefulness.

Any sleep disturbances, whether later falling asleep, early awakening or nightmares, detrimental effects on the human body. Therefore it is necessary to break all the psychological barriers to healthy sleep.

If you want to fall asleep quickly, and that your dream was strong, follow some of the recommendations:

Pay close attention to the transition from wakefulness to sleep. It is desirable for 40-45 minutes, until the time when you usually go to sleep (or at least trying to sleep), you should abandon all exciting - watching TV, playing games on the computer, drinking soft drinks, lively conversation, etc.

Try before bedtime even move slowly, slowly.

Adjust yourself to sleep and thoughts. Pronounces himself some relaxing, soothing words, for example: "Now I lay down in my comfortable bed, clean bed and go to sleep with great pleasure ..."

Already in bed before going to sleep is best to lie on your back, so that the arms and legs were stretched out freely. Go through the mind itself and think about what muscles you did not manage to relax. Try to get rid of these clips - just do not do it very carefully, strained, and it may just get the opposite effect.

If you can relax - you immediately feel sleepy. Wish for a good night sleep and enjoy.

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