Roses and tears - all about flower allergies

Roses and tears - all about flower allergies
 Spring - it's not just the bright sun, blue sky and the birds singing outside the window. Many people of the coming of spring reminds own body. Watery red eyes, stuffy nose and cough - it's an allergic reaction to the appearance of pollen in the air.  

Hay fever, so is the reaction to pollen, known to mankind since ancient times. This is a disease in which a person develops immunity own antibodies to fight the pollen in the air. This generates large amounts of histamine and other biologically active substances, whereby the damaged mucous membranes and skin cells.

Today we scientists know dozens of different herbs, trees and grasses that cause hay fever. During their flowering depends on weather conditions, so we can only assume about when the patient expects allergy attack.

In central Russia known approximate dates of flowering plants. In May bloom birch, poplar and maple trees, then oaks, and in June bloom cones of pines and firs. In late June, "dusty" linden in July reminiscent of a meadow grass in the middle of August blooms ragweed and mugwort.

However, the situation for people with allergies are not as hopeless as it seems. Allergic people need to more thoroughly prepare for the period of flowering plants.

Be sure to visit an allergist. Houses desirable to establish cleaner ionizer air and are serviced daily.

It is not recommended to dry clothes on an open balcony, as the fabric perfectly absorbs pollen. In the period of acute need to wash every few hours and several times a day to take a shower.

When planning a vacation, consider the fact that allergies are best feeling in the mountains or the sea.

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