Headache: Causes and symptoms

Headache: Causes and symptoms
 Headache - is one of the most common problems people. It can be blunt or acute, moderate or severe, distributed all over the head, or to concentrate in certain places, but always one - it prevents live and work.

To get rid of a headache, it is necessary to understand its cause. It can cause an old injury, various diseases, even just stress and stress.

Colds. A fever, headache, mild, concentrated in the temples and nape. In this case, you can drink antipyretic and call a physician.

Post-traumatic pain. Its cause is transferred earlier head injury. Headache observed during pressure changes and stress. Bouts of sharp, but short-term, possible loss of consciousness. In this case, it takes a long and serious treatment under medical supervision.

Referred pain. Is moderate and appears a few hours after the onset of pain in other organs (stomach, teeth, etc.). Should be treated with an initial cause, you can take an analgesic.

Arterial blood pressure (BP). The increase in pressure indicates hypertension, it is necessary to take appropriate medication after consulting your doctor. Low blood pressure can be caused by fatigue, insomnia, overstrain. In this case, the need to sleep, eat and drink coffee.

A side effect of drugs. Its causes may be barbiturates, vasodilators, anti-inflammatory, anti, anti-bacterial, and many other means. In this case it is necessary to stop taking drugs.

Excessive physical stress. The reason is the muscle tension caused by uneven load on the body. Muscles while in this state, can pinch the blood vessels, which leads to an insufficient supply of oxygen brain. The pain is mild, seen all over the head, neck muscles and shoulders are tense. You can take analgesics and anti-inflammatories. Prevention of this type of headache is to leave your work, redistribution exercise, exercise.

Infectious diseases. The temperature may be normal, but is accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting, thirst. Should immediately call an ambulance.

If you cope with the pain persists, it is necessary to see a specialist who diagnose and prescribe treatment.

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