Go abroad for treatment

Go abroad for treatment
 To date, more and more citizens of the Russian Federation do not trust the national medicine. They prefer to go for medical treatment outside the former Soviet Union in Europe, the United States and in Asia. All these people believe in professionalism "not Russian" doctors and high-tech equipment of clinics seeking increased comfort, combine rest and treatment.

Than treatment in foreign countries better than the Russian? There are several significant differences.

- If you have money, Russian patients are pleased everywhere.
- The course of treatment abroad can go with any diagnosis. A wide range of services offered there covers everything from the field of psychiatry and oncology to cosmetology and dentistry.
- In the first phase of treatment, most clinics offer consultations by correspondence.

In fact, treatment abroad has not so many advantages, but still possesses. Many Russian modern clinics in major cities on technical issues can argue with the first clinics in Germany or Israel, with both private and public.

Get a professional doctor - it is luck, not only in Russia but also abroad. Just overseas doctors are much more polite, sympathetic and compassionate. This doctor immediately inspires confidence, and he is not afraid to give his "mortal" body.

Foreign clinics are able to accept patients with greater comfort. Facilities and comfort of hospital wards in hospitals abroad can not be compared with the Russian proposed terms. Many Russian hospitals are not equipped with even basic things, such as, Hurry-up medical personnel. If a person in the room was really bad, and he alone, then one can only hope for good luck: what if any nurse or worker accidentally glance and help.

In deciding to immediately go for treatment in another country, be firmly convinced that die due to an oversight of medical staff is not threatened. The attention of physicians in non-stop mode and online, nurses and orderlies will fly around the dear guest-patient, like a guardian angel! Your age and social status does not have any meaning at all. In foreign clinics - the perfect attitude to patients.

And, importantly, in any case it is not necessary to offer nurses or orderlies money as "accepted" for us. The mentality of foreigners completely different and they have simply not understood.

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