Emergency care joints

Emergency care joints
 Diseases of the joints are very common and undesirable. They are accompanied by excruciating pain and difficult to treat. How did provide emergency assistance joints during his illness, and that includes prevention?
 Pay attention to what you eat. It is necessary to give up fatty meat and fish broth, from sorrel, lettuce, beans and peas. It is necessary to periodically arrange fasting days. They are referring to the minimum power, at least, fatty products must be reduced to zero. So you can keep your weight at the desired level.

Remember that high physical activity you are contraindicated because they may exacerbate. So try to avoid them, as uberigite yourself from prolonged standing on his feet and being in an uncomfortable position.

Positive role in the life of your joints play a bath on the basis of nettles, clover medicinal decoction and hay truhli. Very useful sauna or steam bath. You will also need to massage all the joints.

If the legs are swollen, then to the sore spot is necessary to put the leaves of burdock, birch or cabbage, when it comes to winter.

There are also a number of useful concoctions in various diseases of the joints. If you suffer from arthritis, you'll like collection of berries and leaves of bilberry, bearberry and plantain. Take one-third cup three times a day, a course of treatment lasts for 9 weeks. In rheumatic diseases best suited mixture of liquorice, elecampane root and calendula flowers: elecampane root is necessary to pour a glass of boiling water and cook for four minutes, then add all the other ingredients and boil the mixture for another minute. Broth is ready. Take one-third cup three times a day. To avoid exacerbations should eat anti-inflammatory herbal teas. They are made on the basis of St. John's wort and aloe juice. If you suffer from arthrosis, you help elderberry flowers (2 tsp) in combination with the bark of willow (1 tablespoon) and birch leaves (1 tablespoon): Pour boiling water over the grass and leave until cool.

If you feel pain in the joints should apply to such doctors as trauma and rheumatology.

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