Causes of Male Infertility

Causes of Male Infertility
 Male infertility - cause of infertility couples in 40% of cases. Possible reasons for the emergence of a great multitude, but fortunately almost all cases, infertility in men is curable.

All the reasons that lead to male infertility can be divided into several groups. According to what caused it, and called that kind of infertility, which was caused by this cause.

The most popularly known cause of infertility - erectile dysfunction (impotence), which makes it impossible to conduct sexual intercourse. The possible reasons for its occurrence are many - from diseases and injuries, to psychological problems, and find them can only medical specialist in each case.

Secretory infertility is caused by reduction or complete cessation of production by the testes sperm or reducing their mobility, the violation of a building or other defects of sperm, leading to inability to fertilization. The most frequent reasons for its occurrence - or that impact directly on the testicles. This may be an injury or illness. The most frequent causes of this type of infertility - varicocele (varicose veins, going to the testicle) and hydrocele. Both of these diseases lead to a decrease in blood flow to the testicle, and, as a consequence, the oppression of its functions. These same symptoms results in the same mumps virus, popularly called mumps. As a temporary effect may be due to the constant violation of the thermal regime (overheating).

Male infertility that occurs when the impossibility of passing the vas deferens sperm is called obstructive. Arises mainly due to a viral urogenital diseases - epididymitis (inflammation of the epididymis) and prostatitis. It is also possible the development of this type of infertility due to deferred tuberculosis, syphilis, thermal or physical injury to the testicles.

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