Anorexia - the main symptoms

Anorexia - the main symptoms
 Anorexia is a pathological condition in which the person is aware of and strongly limits the amount of food or refuses to eat at all for weight loss.  

Anorexia can be a separate disease or be a symptom of other diseases. Such conditions occur in psychopathy, neurosis, schizophrenia, some neuroendocrine diseases.

Contribute to the emergence of her emotional conflicts, it is more common in young age, especially when there is, too much care of her mother. Women are much more likely than men (ratio 10: 1). Provoke the development of disease talk about the ugly fat people.

By the character traits of people prone to anorexia include accuracy, punctuality, pedantry. They are, persistent in achieving their goals and proud. In this way of thinking can be a bone, there is a tendency to overvalued ideas and hysteria.

The disease begins with the appearance of obsession about overweight, then there are attempts to get rid of completeness. At first, limit food intake is periodic, then permanent. People suffering from anorexia, trying to hide attempts to lose weight, but it show constant interest in caloric intake. Restriction of food given to them with difficulty, due to the stored appetite. Losing the battle against hunger, sick then cause vomiting, taking laxatives and diuretics.

Among other things, there is a constant physical activity, love of sports and homework that requires loads. To correct a "defect" appearance is selected clothing that "Judith". There is some coldness in dealing with obese people.

Emotionally, attention is drawn to the depression of varying strength. Irritability, agitation, and increased activity at the beginning gives way to apathy, apathy, decreased range of interests and physical activity in the future.

Changes over time and looks. Excessive thinness combined with dry pale skin with an earthy shade, hypotension, women disrupted menstrual cycle, men "feminized".

Under the described symptoms should consult a psychiatrist, upon confirmation of the disease, it is desirable treatment in a hospital. With the development of cachexia (complete exhaustion) hospitalization becomes imperative. In the treatment applied psychotherapy, medication, conduct discussions with the family. During anorexia relapses. Although the prognosis is favorable in most cases, there are fatalities.

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