Anorexia: a fad?

Anorexia: a fad?
 The mechanism of occurrence of anorexia has psychological roots. Often the disease affects young girls who, experiencing the difficulties of the transition of adolescence, see the main problem of all failures in his weight, imperfect figure.
 Start losing weight, she is close to the desired standards - her room hung with pictures of famous models and actresses whose dimensions are considered ideal. Indeed, thin women are considered to be excellent models - they're easy to sew clothes, to try the most incredible images, is a certain standard in the fashion world. Numerous interviews celebrities advocating strict diet to get rid of calories, hunger strikes and other radical methods of weight loss, confirm the fact - fat people are not as successful in life as thin persons. On the strong mentality of young girls, such information is superimposed not in the form in which it can act on adult women.

Over time, refusal of food may stop - she will get the desired place in the school models will achieve victory in the competition, met a guy or quickly grow up and finds his calling in another activity. But part of anorexic adolescents remain there, alone with his problem. And dissatisfaction with their weight and appearance turn into a painful condition - anoreksichka your body is in a distorted form, it loses its ability to adequately assess their figure and considers excessive thinness insufficient to perfection.

Anorexia causes mental disorders - a frequent and common symptom of the disease. Depression, depression and constant desire to prove to others that patients with active, full of energy and activity, cause the most contradictory feelings. Even knowing somewhere deep down, that there is something terrible, and wishing to regain its former state, do it can not - force yourself to eat normally without the help of doctors, it is impossible.

The quest for the perfect standards, swept the world, led to the emergence of the nervous disease - it all begins with the rejection of some of the dishes, then trimmed the number of meals, sharply reduced its calorie content. In pursuit of cherished numbers on the scales you can even forget how it all started, because you have long been "overtaken" his ideal, having achieved "significant" progress. From this moment begins a dangerous mental disorder, loss of personal landmarks. And this alone can not cope - the disease is treated with long, difficult and complex.

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