Why weight does not go away? The reasons, which holds back the beauty industry

Why weight does not go away? The reasons, which holds back the beauty industry
 Six percent of the already-patching perelatanogo US budget is spent on obesity citizens. About how much money is spent in Russia, statistics silent. However, judging by the fact that each year from the effects of increased mortality of diabetes and cardiovascular disease these satellites overweight in this country used to deal with the consequences rather than the causes of disease. Problems with being overweight are increasingly being addressed by the means and methods of the beauty industry, the adherents of which becomes more and more.

How much money each year flows into the pockets of speculators from the fashion and medicine, inventors of new methods of relatively honest obtaining money from people who do not know, maybe they are. And all because no matter how much talking on the everyday level of malignancy hopes for Russian "maybe", the Russians until recently did not turn to the experts, trying to make, but almost always in vain to struggle with excess weight.

The thing is that whatever miracle, according to a sales, tablets, ointments and dietary supplements, they are, in essence, can have only one effect - the placebo effect. Therefore, they help for a long time only to those who have the ability to auto-suggestion developed no worse than in times past have developed the ability to suggestion from Wolf Messing. The remaining 98% of the citizens and the citizens of that used for the purpose of weight loss miracle drugs remain under his weight. And this is the best, since the weight of which has been adjusted only for some time, usually not only comes back, but also increases, despite advertising that promised long-term result. The same can be said about plastic surgery.

Doctors puzzled shrug: on the one hand the Russians on average become less wear size 1-2 and, therefore, struggle with being overweight is in full swing, and on the other - are increasingly suffering from diseases of the endocrine and cardiovascular system. Of course, it is possible to explain and difficult social conditions, and adverse environmental and financial crisis in the end. But you wonder why now in Russia, like mushrooms after rain, there was a lot of beauty salons, dental clinics and centers to combat obesity? Money from the people, of course, was no more; it can not be fully explained by the fact that in Soviet times, such institutions have been a one-two and a handful.

A casket is opened surprisingly simple. Our dear fellow citizens instead of spending money on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of real impeding them to live, become gradually victims pursuit of veneer without worrying about what bad teeth, body hair or overweight may be associated with chronic lesions organism.

What to do in such a situation, the average woman, suddenly found that her favorite dress for all occasions was not enough for her? First of all, do not panic and do not look familiar feverishly phones that can advise miracle diet or magic bullet for weight loss. Second, do not pay attention to advertising that promises to rid the ladies of the problems with being overweight in all possible ways. Third, consult a doctor and get a complete examination. Fourth, in the event that any chronic diseases have been identified, strictly reconsider your diet, be sure to talking about this with a dietitian.

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