Treatment of mastitis

Treatment of mastitis
 Breast. Such a diagnosis is made every other woman. Is a disease in which the pathological change of the breast tissue. Can be caused by various reasons, but one of the reasons is the first imbalance and other sex hormones, but the most predominant amount of estrogen expressed. Breast is not a precancerous condition, but women with mastopathy are at risk. Therefore, at the first sign of the disease should seek medical advice immediately and begin a course of long-term treatment.

The first signs of mastitis are pain and engorgement, the presence of seals on palpation. These symptoms may be permanent or to appear before menstruation and go after it.

Diagnosis of mastitis is ultrasound, palpation, mammography, cytological analyzes. But the research is not limited to the fact that the check directly to the breast. The patient may be given blood tests for hormones, check the thyroid, liver. Often, violations of the liver provoke the appearance of mastitis due to the fact that the utilization of hormones is disrupted, and they literally poison the body.

Breast is divided into two types - a nodular and diffuse. In the presence of mastitis node when the breast is localized in one or more of the major components may designate surgery. In diffuse mastitis treatment is always patient and aims to eliminate the cause of the disease and on the absorption of the available nodes.

If found liver disease, there shall vitamin A, B, C, hepatoprotectors Cholagogue. When hormonal imbalance may appoint contraceptives or hormonal drugs such as danazol, progesterone, bromocriptine, anti-estrogens or estrogen, according to the survey results. In the presence of pain may recommend pain medication, edema, diuretics. Also, the doctor recommends herbal remedies that promote resorption sites and seals, such as pine or complex feokarpin mastodinon.

The patient is assigned to a special diet based on a balanced diet, the use of products rich in fiber, out of coffee, strong tea, chocolate and products containing cocoa. May also be recommended fees and soothing herbs: horsetail, yarrow, St. John's wort, nettle, plantain, series.

Women with mastopathy should see your doctor regularly and take follow-up examination. Treatment of mastitis very long, course and can be assigned to courses throughout their lives.

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