Meteozavisimost: what diseases can hide behind it?

Meteozavisimost: what diseases can hide behind it?
 Meteozavisimost - the body's response to changes in the weather can signal hidden diseases. So you need to see a doctor and get tested if you have some of the following symptoms.

When, during a sudden gust of cold autumn wind you breath, it may indicate a violation of the respiratory center, the cause of which can be launched by an inflammatory process in the bronchi or the first signs of coronary heart disease. Such a reaction of the body can be a sign of incipient angina. In the event that this added shortness of breath when walking and physical activity, pallor and cyanotic hue lips - you urgently need to seem cardiologist.

If it's windy, the skin on the face and lips much weather-beaten and dries, it may indicate a poor digestibility of fat-soluble vitamins in the body. So may be in violation of digestion and gastritis. Stop uncontrolled use of antacids and do not take soda to eliminate heartburn - make an appointment to a gastroenterologist and get ready to go gastroscopic examination.

When the head aches and when the wind turned, it may be a manifestation of an allergy to cold. Another reason for this are mikrospazmy cerebrovascular atherosclerosis caused by high cholesterol in the blood. You need to take a blood test on the lipid profile and visit with his results neurologist.

In that case, if your hands are cold in the chilly weather, and you yourselves greatly chilly despite warm clothes, you need to check thyroid function, such symptoms are typical when there is insufficient hormone production. If you suffer from this increased nervous excitability, irritability and poor sleep then you seem to hormonal failure and you need to show the endocrinologist.

If you respond to changes in the weather, in the morning you find it difficult to come to a working state, and at the slightest excitement heart begins to pound, this is the most frequent manifestations of vascular dystonia, which affects one-fifth of the adult population. When traditional sedatives such as valerian and valokordin not work, show yourselves to the therapist.

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