How to treat pyelonephritis

How to treat pyelonephritis
 Pyelonephritis - a disease in which inflamed renal pelvis. It is the most common disease among the genitourinary system. This disease can be diagnosed by X-ray of the kidneys, ultrasound.
 The causes of this disease can be as simple as hypothermia, decreased immunity, urolithiasis, renal tumors. In men, the cause may be a prostate adenoma, chronic prostatitis. In the event of illness the person has a nagging pain in the kidney area, the temperature rises, there are painful when urinating. Along with this can be heavy sweating, weakness.

Typically, pyelonephritis treated using potent antibacterials. Sometimes it may be necessary surgery, in which the forms are removed purulent pyelonephritis. Also great relieve inflammation and toxicity of grass. Well to herbal tea. To make it, take in equal parts dry herbs: raspberry, elderberry, meadowsweet, celandine, birch leaves, burdock, chamomile. Add willow leaves, dandelion, cranberries, fireweed. All carefully grind and mix. In one liter of boiling water, pour two tablespoons of the mixture of herbs and simmer for 15 minutes. Cool and take 3-5 times a day. The course of treatment - 2 months.

For the treatment of pyelonephritis, you can use the infusion. Take a tablespoon of Juniper, the same licorice root, for dessert spoon of bearberry leaves, fruits, horsetail and leaves cranberries. All chop and mix. Two tablespoons of the mixture pour half a liter of boiling water and leave for 12 hours. Ready to use infusion to three times a day to 75 grams for three months. Have this recipe: Take a tablespoon of birch leaves, black currant, hop cones, plantain. Add four tablespoons of rose hips, six tablespoons of horsetail. Next, you need to do the same as in the previous recipe.

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