How to beat the flu

How to beat the flu
 Flu symptoms are manifested acutely: suddenly and significantly increases the temperature, a headache, body aches. Runny nose and cough occur later. At the first sign of flu should take appropriate measures to avoid potential complications.  
 Ensure a complete rest. No winding around the apartment in an attempt to do something useful. First, in a state of weakness you have nothing to do and you can not, and secondly, the infection will spread throughout the house and endanger native infection. In addition, these movements are fraught with serious complications. Calm down, give your body a chance to fight the virus, help him sleep and relaxation.

The second step in the fight against disease - an appeal to the doctor. Only he will be able to accurately diagnose and appoint competent treatment. Perhaps you have not viral, and bacterial infection - will have to get rid of it any other way than from the flu. The therapist also drew attention to the possible co-morbidities and modify treatment, given their.

While you visited the doctor for antibiotics Do not overreach. They do not kill viruses, so they do not overcome the flu. Here immunomodulators - drugs that increase the body's resistance to viruses - what you need. Take plenty of vitamin C, but not necessarily in a pure form: tea with lemon, orange juice drink with black currant, wild rose allow you to quickly get back on their feet.

Excessive drinking works wonders in the fight against flu: infection due to water excreted from the body. If possible, drinks about three liters per day of liquid. Use the above drinks, tea with honey, raspberry, chamomile, lime, cranberry or cranberry juice, stewed fruit.

Do not rush to bring down the temperature, of course, if it does not surpasses 40 ° C (in this case, immediately call the "fast"). A small increase in temperature is useful: it means that the body began to actively fight the disease. Heat can kill many viruses. Also it causes sweating Curative: together with the liquid you leave and infection. But if you carry bad fever, take an antipyretic.

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