Where begins jealousy - there ends love?

Where jealousy starts - ends there love?
 If a sign of jealousy, love - the perennial question and talked about its meaning talented the poets and authors all time. But our modernity rather inclined to define jealousy as a manifestation of feelings of ardor, and as a kind of distrust of the partner that is certainly not the best way affects the relationship.

Everyone knows that there is a special pathologically jealous warehouse taking the slightest hints and nuances of encroachment on the subject of his love, izmuchivaya groundless suspicions and accusations of infidelity fetched by them. Similar AND instances can be seen as hopelessly, For lacking good sense, there useless, and exhorting sober analysis. Certainly, this type jealous based of paranoid concoctions really able to ward off of man and always repay love.

If However, talking about jealousy backed up by actual events quite and a demeanor partner then its manifestation unable to affect the mutual feelings often reducing them to nothing. But in this situation it would be pointless to argue that it was jealousy killed the once passionate love, whereas the true cause of the break in relations was a certain occasion.

But, as the saying goes, all good in moderation, so sometimes a certain percentage of jealousy (within reason) can be a fresh impetus in the relationship, a kind of spicy seasoning to mediocrity, and ordinariness our present lives.

It is known that every human being as cynical as this may sound, sometimes flatter suspicions couples in excessive attention to unauthorized persons. The main thing is to actively demonstrate it from the outside, but not in any way as a result of reckless coquetry or flirting. One should not forcibly arouse jealousy partner because this terrible beast at any moment could jump from the cell and become uncontrollable.

Moreover, sometimes jealousy can manifest itself more because of feelings of possessiveness than deep love. Instead mistake and ever keep situation under its hands force only a sensitive individual with perfect tact and poise.

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